Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My 1st Entry

Well, here it goes.....my first dabble in the world of blogging.

Just a few days away from preparing for the trek to Whistler for the 48-hour training camp. Not quite sure what to expect from the weekend ahead. In many ways, I'm looking more forward to the start of the pre-season, which happens to fall on my birthday.

With more than 50 players set to try and crack an opening night roster of no more than 25, the seven-game exhibition campaign should make for very intense and entertaining hockey. With a decent returning corps group of players from last season, mixed in with some new established veterans and some up-and-coming prospects, it's not hard to see why this will be a very intriguing start to the hockey season for Vancouver fans.

Will definitely keep you updated on how this new-look team evolves through September and how it likely will look come the start of the regular season the first week of October.

Looking forward to your thoughts as well.

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